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Benefit from cutting-edge visualization of our algorithms.
It has never been easier to identify trends, find reversal signals, know where to set your stop-loss and take-profits, and enter trades with absolute confidence. Set alerts to never miss another opportunity or go a step further and fully automate your trades.

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Experience the power of simplifying complexity. Unlock the potential to transform market confusion into crystal-clear insights that help you make your trading decisions in any asset class.

AI Trading Solutions

Why use our Indicators?

We harness cutting-edge AI technology to drive innovation in our trading indicator algorithms. Our products have empowered a vast global community of traders to seize opportunities and thrive in the markets.

What our customers think

A bit pricy - but definitely worth it!

Honestly, I would not have bought it, considering the price and the fact there are tons of free indicators out there, but my cousin talked me into it as he figured it was the best indicator he ever used, so I gave it a try. After a month I finally understood how to use it and shortly after I already made back the yearly costs for the bundle with my Altcoin trades. So for the rest of the year this became also a “free indicator” for me and if gains stay that constant I will not hesitate staying in the subscription for another year. A German version of the website would be great though! Maybe for the tutorials too

Johannes H.


I've been like super unsure 'bout spendin’ money on indicators. But this rough diamond. Best. Decision. Ever. Nothing for me to do now but sit back and let it rain. Has already been raining pretty heavy for me the last few months since I set it up. Flood. Ahead. You catch my drift.

Clarissa J.

Blessing for Beginner Traders

As someone new-ish to the trading scene, the Laplace Cloud is super handy. The team at AI Trading Solutions are top-notch! I had troubles getting the indicators onto my chart, but the friendly support helped instantly (the problem was with TradingView in the end, but we could resolve it eventually). Absolute legends! Thanks!

Timothy S.

A Game-Changer for Pros and Rookies

"I've tried tons of indicators, y'all, but Laplace Cloud? Game-changer right there. Suitable for dummies, so now even I'm makin’ smarter decisions hahaha ;-)"

Texas P.

Neural Newbie Success

"I recently started using the “Neural Cloud indicator”. It took a little time to understand how to read it, but eventually I figured it out and now I’m super happy I stumbled upon this stuff."

Mikhail L.

AI Trading Solutions

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Lapláce Bundle

USD 479.88 billed annually
Promotion - Regular Price $ 79.99
Neural Cloud (on-chart & Oscillator)
Lapláce Cloud (on-chart & Oscillator)
Lapláce Line - Nostalgy Edition
7-day Money back guarantee
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Rough Diamond Indicator Strategy

USD 299.88 billed annually
Promotion - Regular Price $ 39.99
Automated Bot Trading
Time Saving
7-day Money back guarantee
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All payments are handled with Stripe, which gives you a lot of different payment methods and the maximum level of security.

7-day Money back

We offer a 7 day money back guarantee for all our annual subscriptions. Also you can cancel your subscription at any time, via your user account page.

Lite Versions available

Try out the basic functions of our indicators absolutely for free. Just sign up and get the free Lite-Version

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Frequently asked question

To help you decide, here are some questions you should think about first.

Still got questions? Send them over, we are happy to help!

How can I use these Indicators?

Once you purchased a subscription, we will grant access to your TradingView username. You will find the indicators under the “invite only scripts” section. It works fully with the free basic version of TradingView.

What assets will this work with?

Our indicators work on any trading pair available on TradingView. It will work equally well with Stocks, Indices, Futures, Options, Commodities, ForEx and Cryptocurrencies on any available timeframe.

What timeframe will it work with?

Whether you engage in rapid 1-second chart scalping, pursue intraday trading on minute or hourly charts, or prefer the longer-term approach of daily, weekly, or even monthly charts for swing trading or investing, our indicators are versatile and adaptable to your preferred timeframe, perfectly aligning with your unique trading style.
Identifying optimal buying opportunities during bear market lows and timely selling during bull market peaks has never been easier due to the visualization capabilities of our indicators.

How accurate are the indicators?

The algorithms measure certain values in the background, that are provided by TradingView (such as traded volume and price action for example) and use a complex background calculation to be able to plot the individual visualizations of the indicators.
The fact that we completely eliminated the possibility repainting (occurring and disappearing signals or signals that are plotted in hindsight much later which makes many other indicators on the market not usable for live trading) makes our indicators extremely reliable.

Will I win every trade using the indicators?

No, definitely not! Please be aware that there is no foolproof indicator, algorithm, system, or strategy that can predict market movements with absolute certainty.

We take pride in being the leading provider of high-end indicators. However, it's crucial to understand that our premium indicators do not guarantee profits or magically transform you into a successful trader or investor on their own.

We strongly advise against blindly relying on any single indicator. Trading inherently carries risks, and it's important to note that a significant number of day traders experience losses. Always remember that past performance does not indicate future results.
Only trade if you absolutely understand the risk of total loss of your investment and use only money you can afford to lose!

Will I get a referral link to invite a friend?

Yes, we are happy if you help our community grow!As long as you are a registered user in one of our subscription plans your TradingView username will work as a referral code.During the checkout process, your friends will have the opportunity to enter your referral code, and you'll earn rewards for every new customer, with commissions of up to 30% based on your VIP level*.

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