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The Rough Diamond

Presenting the Rough Diamond: Beyond a mere indicator, it's a fully tailored and automated strategy masterpiece. As our most adaptable tool, it demands meticulous setup, but the payoff is unparalleled. Once finely-tuned, it transforms into a "set and forget" trading bot, gifting numerous customers with the most effortless trading journey they've ever embarked on.

For optimal visibility with just a quick glance, our candle color coding is simple yet effective: Green candles indicate an open trade in profit, red for those in loss and a muted dark grey for when there is no active trade.

We are pleased to present a complimentary Lite-Version of our indicator/strategy for your evaluation. This allows you to conduct backtests at no cost.
Please note, the FREE Version does not support automated trades or alert settings and includes a signal delay. This design ensures risk-free testing and optimal setup identification. Once you've found a promising setup for live trading, we invite you to upgrade to the full version.

Find a detailed tutorial series about this strategy bot in our tutorial section.

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Rough Diamond Indicator Strategy

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Caution: We never guarantee or promise any profits! Remember, bot trading inherently carries the risk of potential losses, as the algorithm operates autonomously once activated, without seeking further user confirmation. Before venturing into such strategies, ensure you grasp the associated risks, never invest money you cannot afford to lose, and always keep a vigilant eye on your active bots! While backtesting results can be promising, always bear in mind that past performance is not a definitive predictor of future outcomes! Stay informed and always trade wisely and safely.