Our Mission

We help traders

interprete charts right

have an advantage

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Easy & simple to use

Our dedication is to give traders an advantage in their decisions.

We understand the challenges of pinpointing the right entry and exit points and the struggle of becoming profitable. For this purpose, we offer premium indicators to assist traders in achieving their goals. Moreover, we have ensured that these tools are simple and easy to use for everyone.

Looking at the naked candlestick chart above, it can be challenging to find a good trade entry. Using no indicator at all is like flying a plane without looking at the instruments – it can still be a nice flight, but chances are high it will result in a crash.

Using too many indicators on the other hand is even more confusing as this might mystify the charts even more, like sitting on a plane with an unconscious pilot where one is able to see the cockpit, but the sheer number of different instruments is nothing less than overwhelming.

Our indicators are designed to clear the haze of uncertainty. We emphasize elegant simplicity, offering an unparalleled perspective on real-time chart dynamics. Discovering trade entry points tailored to any individual strategy has never been more seamless.

Our team

Our dynamic international team is driven by a genuine desire to guide as many fellow traders as possible toward profitability.

Open Positions
Alex Haslauer
Founder & CEO

Alex has always been a visionary. Born in 1986 in Austria, he started his first company with the age of 20 and has been an entrepreneur in various fields since then. Besides his own companies he is investing in different asset classes and has developed an obsession with technical analysis. In 2015, alongside Thomas Dubois, he began exploring the potential of Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence, with an ambition to craft the most cutting-edge trading indicators.

Thomas Dubois

Thomas is utterly captivated by the magic of zeros and ones. If he could, he'd probably converse in pure binary. Born in 1994 in Brussels, with a background in Information Technology Studies, he shines as our lead developer and chief programmer. Every day, his infectious smile lights up our office, and his undeniable love for Thai food has affectionately dubbed him "Thom Sun".

Javier Jesus Martinez

Looking like Jesus and being even named after him, Javier truly embodies the spirit of dedication to our company. With a name that resonates deeply with his persona, he stands as an invaluable pillar to our organization. Beyond his remarkable expertise in Marketing, Javier has been instrumental as an investor, propelling the project during its nascent stages. Born in 1982 in Sevilla he is based in Madrid now and does most of his work remotely from Spain.