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Pinpointing Reversals

Neural Cloud

The on-chart version consists of three main parts:

- Neural Cloud: Indicates the strength of a move and illuminates turquoise on movements to the upside and turns purple when prices drop.

- Support & Resistance Ribbon: Acts as support or resistance zone. It colors green when price closes above and red when price closes below. The side facing the candles has a sharp edge that offers most support/resistance and fades out to the opposite side as it gets weaker the further away it gets from its origin.

- Candle Coloring: Candles illuminate in bright green when the algorithm detects an uptrend and red when a downtrend is detected.

- Advanced AI based ‚Buy‘ & ‚Sell’ Labels (*BETA Phase – signals are constantly enhanced by ML learning and updated in each version of the algorithm)

Experience our indicators in two dynamic formats: directly on the chart and as a distinct oscillator. The on-chart version elevates price action in its calculation, resulting in a unique indicator display. Harness these nuanced variations to spot convergences or divergences, empowering entry and exit decisions with unparalleled confluence tailored to unique and individual strategies.

This indicator is instrumental in pinpointing reversals in markets, as demonstrated in our Tutorial Video.

Confluence in Descerning Trends & Reversals

Lapláce Cloud

The cloud transitions to green during upward shifts and red during downward motions. The more vibrant the hue, the stronger the move.It includes a sophisticated candle coloring feature, distinguished by its unique calculations, setting it apart from the Neural Cloud methodology.

Additionally, a distinct oscillator positioned below the chart provides a refined version of the cloud (green/red).
This oscillator also integrates the Lapláce Line (showcased in blue) and the Sigma Line (highlighted in orange), further enhancing its functionality.

This indicator offers confluence in discerning trends or reversals, as highlighted in our tutorial video.

Spotting Patterns easily

Lapláce Line Oscillator
– Nostalgy Edition

Dive into the classic charm of the precursor to the renowned Lapláce Cloud. Spotting patterns in this oscillator is a breeze, trading its pattern breakouts becomes second nature.

With unmatched precision, the Lapláce Line earned its name from the brilliant French mathematician Pierre-Simon Laplace and his captivating concept: "Laplace's Demon".This intriguing thought experiment delves deep into the realms of determinism and the universe's predictability.

Laplace envisioned a supremely intelligent entity, named the "demon", with the profound ability to know the exact position and motion of every atom in existence. With this knowledge, it could flawlessly forecast the universe's every move, weaving both its past and future into a vivid tapestry.

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